Cosmetic Gum Treatment

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Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Cosmetic treatment of teeth not only involves treating the teeth alone but also the gum surrounding them. The commonly seen cosmetic/esthetic problems related to gum are :

Black Gums, gum recession, small size of teeth leading to “Gummy smile” black triangle between teeth’s etc.

Gummy Smile Recontouring

Your smile is often the first thing people notice when meeting you. If your teeth appear small when smiling, it can look unattractive. This is known as a “gummy” smile. An uneven gum line can also be distracting. In many cases, multiple-tooth crown lengthening can be done to give your teeth a longer and more attractive appearance. We administer a local anesthetic and gently raconteur excess gum and bone tissue to create a more of attractive yet natural smile.

Some people have teeth that look too “short” due to the relationship between their teeth and gums. This creates a “gummy” smile. A procedure called “gum contouring” is often used to remove excess gum tissue and expose more of the crown of the tooth. In fact, your gum line can be carefully sculpted to create just the right proportion between gum tissue and tooth surface — and the result is a better looking smile.

If the gum is uneven around a tooth, gum contouring can smooth and balance the way your tooth and gum look. The procedure produces a consistent, even gum line that is esthetically pleasing.

Gum Depigmentation (Black Gums)

The discoloration of tissues (black / brown ) looks unaesthetic

Gum Grafts for Gum Recession

Gum grafts are the procuedures done to cover the lost gum tissue around your tooth . gum recession results in : appearance of unesthetic long lenth of the tooth , sensitivity in the teeth etc. these grafts are designed to cover exposed roots and make the teeth look much better. When gum tissue recedes due to periodontal disease, it pulls away from the teeth. Periodontal plastic surgery procedures can restore some coverage and dramatically improve a person’s smile.

Soft tissue grafts and other root coverage procedures cover exposed roots and restore healthy gum tissue. This will reduce further bone loss and recession, make the tooth less sensitive, protect the root from root cavities, and look more natural when you smile.

Alloderm gum graft

AlloDerm consists of a collagen matrix that preserves all the elements necessary for revascularization and cellular repopulation. Multiple prospective human clinical investigations have documented equivalent root coverage results to connective tissue grafts.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is a simple surgical procedure in which tooth is adjusted the position of the gum around the affected tooth, thereby providing a larger tooth surface on which to anchor the restoration of choice. A functional crown lengthening will help you regain a beautiful smile and allow you to eat and speak with comfort and confidence.

A purely esthetic crown lengthening procedure to correct a “gummy” smile is often referred to as gum contouring


The muscles of the cheeks and lips are attached to the gums and tissue of the mouth by a piece of soft tissue called a frenum. Sometimes a frenum can be attached too high on the gums causing either recession or spaces between teeth.

In addition, there is another frenum under the tongue. If this frenum is attached too close to the end of the tongue it can adversely affect swallowing and speech. Sometimes this is referred to as being “tongue-tie”.

Ridge Augmentation

Recapture the natural contour of your gums and jaw. This happens because the jawbone isn’t holding a tooth in place anymore, even though there may be a bridge or partial in place.

Sometimes after an extraction there will be a sunken spot or concave appearance in your gum line. This looks unsightly and can also jeopardize the appearance of a bridge that goes over the area. Grafting material can be inserted under the gum to fill out this depression.

Ridge augmentation can also be used to build up an area of bone so that a dental implant can be placed.