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Dr. Sangeeta is one the best dentists in India, she had repaired many teeth in my mount including one implantation. She had done very good work for all my teeth.

ThongchaiConsultant DIAL , BANGKOK

My family has been visiting Dr Sangeeta Dhir and her Smiline Dental Clinic for almost five years for dental problems. Right from reaching the clinic to the time you take the next appointment, her professionalism impresses you. She takes pain to diagnose and explain the problem to her patients. All possible options of treatment are explained threadbare. Her followup actions are excellent. I would highly recommend Smiline for all dental treatments.

Anil MehtaH. No. 159, Sector 30 Faridabad

When I first met Dr Sangeeta Dhir, I was suffering from a series of teeth and gum ailments.With the caring hands of Dr Dhir coupled with the ultra modern techniques she adopted, I was able to restore my shaking teeth. Till date my teeth are intact, thanks to Dr Dhir.

Subsequently the case of my son , who had long frontal teeth , was handled by Dr. Dhir and her team. My son , who had lost his milk-teeth in an accident was struggling with his excessively long and protruded front teeth.He was fed-up of All relatives and friends who always pointed out to his teeth. The shape of his face also began to look odd.

When 'Smiline Dental Healthcare' took charge of my son's mouth, I was quite confident about the end results. This clinic did not fail my confidence .Today my son's teeth are well in place.His face has become so shapely that he turns his eyes off from his old photographs .Today I admire the face of my son the most - Thanks to 'Smiline Dental Health Care'.

For all my family and friends, I bank upon this clinic as a reliable and trustworthy place to seek medical aid for teeth.

Vinod Rajput604, Platinum Tower, Paras Apartment Sector 30, Faridabad

Through one of my friends,i came to know about your clinic. i had very good treatment on rootcanal and other problems. you were courteous,time bound and highly professional. Hygiene is topmost and good.

K.K. Ramarao

Dr. Sangeeta is an excellent dentist. She was very supportive and took time to explain the procedure including pros and cons of the treatment so that I can make an independent judgement. She is professional and has a naturally lovely personality. I would recommend Dr. Sangeeta to everyone She is the best dentist I have ever had."

Prashant Mehta Faridabad

I visited Smi’line Dental Healthcare Clinic for my cosmetic gum problems that ranged from black gums, sensitivity in teeth etc. Dr Sangeeta Dhir with her astute clinical diagnosis did a complete smile makeover that ranged several procedures: treatment for black gums, plastic gum surgery for recession.

I have got implants placed for missing teeth also. I am impressed by the professionalism of Dr Sangeeta. I was having this problem since several years and wasn’t convinced by the treatment as suggested by several dentists I visited. I recommend Smi’line Dental Healthcare to all my friends.

Elisabeth Joseph United Kingdom

I was referred to Dr Sangeeta for periodontal problems in my mouth by my dentist. I was here in India for work trip. My teeth were shaking.

The treatment plan was explained thread bare which involved grafting surgeries. Excellent services extended. I appreciate and recommend Smi’line Dental Healthcare for their marvellous patient care and follow up

Rohit Sharma Singapore

I was referred by my dentist in Kolkata to Dr Sangeeta for my pyohorrea problem. I was advised to extract all my teeth and go with implants by several dentists. I was not convinced However the profound diagnosis at Smi’line Dental Healthcare, that involved complete

periodontal treatment and grafting surgeries saved all my teeth. I just had to get two of my wisdom teeth extracted. I am regular for follow up maintenance visit as explained to me. I recommend this centre to all

Sudip Mukherjee Kolkata